Getting Started With Cinema 4D

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Our assignment was to create a model in Cinema 4D that represents a letter of the alphabet. I chose the letter V. I first thought of The classic “road into the distance” beginners first learn when drawing perspective. When I started building the ranges I decided to play with that perspective, with the letter not being obvious until the Camera hit just the right angle.


I learned a lot about atmospheric lighting, cloning thousands of items with the trees, as well as lighting complex objects via the clouds. Layer organization, and utilizing low-poly assets for heavily cloned objects made a huge difference in performance and render time.

Burial Poster

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Design a poster for an Musician

Ideas and Planning

I’ve always loved Burial’s minimal, dark aesthetic. I think it matches his music beautifully and challenged myself to recreate visually the way Burial’s music makes me feel.

Listening to Burial instantly transports me to a pensive, melancholic, nostalgic place. For some reason I tie this mood with bus rides/road trips when it’s raining, leaning my head on the window.

I leaned into the themes of loneliness and solitude in Burials work by swapping the bus for a space ship and using my home cities of Houston and Austin in the Window.


  • While layer masks are incredibly useful, sometimes you can get into a rabbit hole of filters and masks. Just duplicate and edit a layer instead.
  • I’m really happy with how this one turned out, I think following an aesthetic I’m so aligned with really helped motivate me.
  • Taking progress shots along the way resulted in me being able to create some really nice artifacts, like this one!
The ISS interior and satellite images are from NASA’s public gallery.

First 3D Print

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Learn basics of 3D modeling

day 1

  • Selecting software, Using fusion 360, setting constraints
  • Printer and materials
  • first failed attempt

day 2

  • printer maintenance
  • clearing nozzle, practicing changing of filament
  • 2nd attempt